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Miniature transducer - compression force

Features Lorenz K13  pressure force transducer

  • Ranges 0.02 - 100 kN
  • small size
  • stainless steel
  • IP 65

Specifications compression force transducer
K13 and K 13 B compressive force transducer  Specifications
Type K13 K13B
Accuracy 0.5%
Service load 
( operates within specifications ) 
limit load 
(over load range but with degraded specifications )
150% >300%
Ultimate load
(load beyond which damage may occur)
>300% >800%
Max dynamic load (sinusoid )  70%
Position feedback  < 0.3 mm
Bridge resistance 350 ohms
Insulation resistance < 2 x 10e9 ohms
Supply voltage 2V..12V [<100 N; 2V..6V]
max supply voltage 15V [<100 N; 8V]
Sensitivity 0.8 .. 1.2 mV/V
Temp coefficient of sensitivity 0.2%/10K
Temp coefficient of zero 0.2%/10K
Reference temperature 23 °C
Nominal temperature -10 °C to +50 °C
Service temperature -30°C to +80 °C
Storage temperature -50°C to +95°C
Combined error linearity & hysteresis
Creep error
< +/-0.1% /30 minutes
Interface 0 - 10 Volts DC
or 0 (4)mA to 20 mA
Ordering information force transducers compression
Part no Model Range Price view shopping cart
LM103787 K-K13/N110 10N $880.00  
LM103788 K-K13/N120 20N  
LM102352 K-K13/N150 50N  
LM102718 K-K13/N210 100N $700.00  
LM100092 K-K13/N220 200N  
LM100093 K-K13/N250 500N  
LM100094 K-K13/N310 1kN  
LM100095 K-K13/N320 2kN  
LM100096 K-K13/N350 5kN  
LM100097 K-K13/N410 10kN  
LM100098 K-K13/N420 20kN $740.00  
LM100099 K-K13/N450 50kN $850.00  
LM100100 K-K13/N550 100kN $985.00  

Ordering information force transducers compression with overload protection
Part no Model Range Price view shopping cart
LM103789 K-K13B/N110 10N $1150.00  
LM103790 K-K13B/N120 20N  
LM102353 K-K13B/N150 50N  
LM101046 K-K13B/N210 100N $980.00  
LM100101 K-K13B/N220 200N  
LM100102 K-K13B/N250 500N  
LM100103 K-K13B/N310 1kN  
LM100104 K-K13B/N320 2kN  
LM100105 K-K13B/N350 5kN  
LM100106 K-K13B/N410 10kN  
LM100107 K-K13B/N420 20kN $1025.00  
LM100108 K-K13B/N450 50kN $1150.00  
LM100109 K-K13B/N550 100kN $1285.00  

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