Compact CO2 Transducer with analog or digital output

  • Integrated Sensor and electronics
  • Dual Wavelength Technology
  • Simple digital communications
  • PC Based software for graphing and data logging
  • Simultaneous analogue current and voltage outputs
  • Lightweight compact configuration

The IRgaskiT® range of dual-beam infrared sensors,offer users high performance, true dual-beam detection infrared, temperature compensated measurement of CO2 The result is a low drift, high accuracy OEM sensor with single button calibration and optional simultaneous voltage and current outputs.
  Each module of the IRgaskiT® has been designed to allow the user maximum flexibility when choosing a solution that meets their application requirements.

Digital communications are easy to utilize and IRgaskiT® PC data logging software is also available. The infrared gas sensor offers these features with the further advantages of a very compact design and low cost.
   The IRgaskiT® design is ideal for a wide variety of applications particularly where space and low power consumption are important issues.
    The IRgaskiT is designed with no moving parts and is easy to integrate into existing systems, ideal for use with UAV drone vehicles. It is possible to log voltage and current output from the sensor simultaneously and can operate in temperature from 0 – 50 °C, with measurements completely unaffected by 0 – 95 % humidity. Weighing only 125 g and consuming 0.9 W, it is perfect for integration with small vehicles and can easily be recalibrated at the press of a button to ensure accurate sensing over long periods.

Manometer Specifications

Measuring Ranges CO2


Measuring Range Hydrocarbons 0-100% LEL
Accuracy ±5% of range ±<0.015% of range per mbar*
Zero Stability ±5% of range (over 12 months )  
Repeatability @zero ±1% of range
Repeatability @ span ±3% of range
Response Time T90 = 300 seconds or programmable RC
Operating Temperature 0 - 50 °C (Sensors can withstand 90 °C in standby mode)
Operating Pressure 1013mbar (calibration) requires pressure correction at other pressures
Power Requirements 5V DC/ 7 - 13VDC depending on configuration
Power Consumption 0.9W
Output Signal 0 - 2V (linear); (Optional simultaneous 4 - 20mA and digital (RS232) outputs)
Humidity Measurements are unaffected by 0-95% relative humidity, non condensing
Weight 125 g
Controls Zero and Span recalibration buttons (optional)

Ordering Information

Model Description Price each  
where xxxx=range
Sensor and electronics circuit card and ribbon cable to sensor complete with analog output.
Power supply not included. No local display
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