Conductivity Meter for 2 and 4 electrode cells
Alarm Outputs - Ultra Pure Water

  • Conductivity measurement
  • Broad measurement range (with 4 electrode cells)
  • Works with 2 or 4 electrode cells
  • Temperature Compensation (with Pt100)
  • Relay Alarm outputs
  • Min Max Peak Hold (option )
  • AC or DC powered
  • FDA and USP645 compliant sensor cells
  • PDF data sheet

The LF1010 Conductivity Meter has been designed for the measurement of conductivity, using standard 2 electrode or 4 electrode conductivity cells. When used in connection with 4-electrode cell it provides high accuracy over a large range of conductivity. For measurements of ultra pure water it should be used with a two electrode cell with a low cell constant 0.1) for a high accuracy and sensitivity. The meter features a rugged packaging and relay outputs, choice of power supply, and temperature monitoring via Pt100 or Pt1000 platinum resistance thermometers. Ideal fo USP<465> with low cell constant probes see LF2453* clamp or LF 2653 screw in or LF2553* Varivent
* FDA compliant

Common Specifications

Range 0..2.000(0) μS/cm up to 0..2000 / 200(0) mS/cm (at 25 °C)
Cell Constants 0.080..9.999

0.5 % of the measuring value, ±2 Digit

Temperature - compensation non linear for ultra pure water and natural water or linear programmable from 0.000..9.999 %/K
Temperature measurement range -50.0..+200.0 °C; Sensor Pt100 or Pt1000
Temperature measurement Accuracy ±0.2 °C
Display Red LED 14.2 mm, 2 digit red LED for parameter and output indicator
Range 4 digit with leading zero suppression
Parameter indicator 2 digit 7mm red LEDs
Power Supply Voltage 230 V AC ±10 %; 115 V AC ±10 %; 24 V AC ±10 % or 24 V DC ±15 %
Power consumption max. 3.5 VA
Operating Temperature -10..+55 °C
Relay SPDT < 250 V AC < 250 VA < 2 A, < 300 V DC < 50 W < 2 A
Accuracy 0.1 %; TK 0.01 %/K
Case Material PA6-GF15/15, keypad polyester
Protection Class IP65, terminals IP20 acc. to BGV A3
Dimensions front 100 x 100mm, mounting depth 60 mm,
Weight max. 450 g
Connection quick clamp push in terminals

Ordering Information

Model Price Guide Order Online
Meter for monitoring in compliance with USP 645 for pure water $990.00
Select power supply voltage to be used 230VAC or 110VAC or 24VAC or 24VDC    
Select temperature compensation sensor either pT100 or pT1000    
Select process Fitting    
   Screw in G3/4" or G1" 0..0.5 µS/cm up to 0..50 µS/cm USP645 $710.00
   Varivent aseptic clamp   FDA compliant 0..0.5 µS/cm up to 0..50 µS/cm $1350.00
   Sudmo aseptic clamp FDA Compliant 0..0.5 µS/cm up to 0..50 µS/cm $1075.00