HVAC Portable Air Quality Monitor for Carbon Dioxide

  • CO2, 0-5000 ppm
  • Real time continuous readout
  • built in sampling pump
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Protective rubber boot
  • Made in USA

The AirQualityCO2 is a basic handheld CO2 monitor for measuring CO2 concentration in HVAC and similar applications. The normal atomospheric CO2 is around 400 ppm. This meter measures in the range 0 - 5000ppm 5000 ppm= OSHA PEL (permissible exposure limit)

(Other configurations of this unit offer extended features for air quality monitoring see AirQualityComfort for CO temperature and RH)


Power Lithium Battery and charger
Electromagnetic Compatibility EN 61326-1, Portable Equipment
Gas Range Resolution Accuracy
Carbon Dioxide 0-5000 ppm 1 ppm ± 2% of rdg. ± 10 ppm

Ordering Information

AQ1 price US$ order online
Carbon Dioxide monitor 0-5000 ppm, calibration certificate and instructions $875.00