Air Jet sieve for granulometric sifting of fine particles

  • 5 um to 2 mm Granulometric sieving
  • High Accuracy and reliability
  • Very efficient for small particles
  • Short sieving time
  • Digital selection of time and speed
  • 10 configurable sifting programs
  • Very easy to operate
  • Virtualy maintenance free
  • 2 year warranty


Air flowDigital Air Jet Sieve Shaker for granulometric test of fine particles, sample recovery cyclonefrom 5 ┬Ám to 2 mm, or samples with electrostatic charge.

The particles pass through the sieve guided by an air flow which is generated from an external vacuum cleaner connected to the equipment. The air flow is controlled by means of valve and can be started and stopped from the control panel. The vacuum level is monitored and displayed on the control panel in a choice of units Kpa,psi mbar etc. A variable speed rotating diffuser arm beneath the sieve serves to agitate and distribute the sample material to ensure efficent separation.
This Air Jet controller can store up to 10 programs each of which can be configured by the user. The Air Jet Sieveconfigurable parameters are: the program name, the sieving time, the units of vacuum on the display and the rotational speed of the air diffuser.

An optional sample recovery cyclone (shown to right) recovers aspirated particles into a collection bottle. The cyclone consist of a stainless steel cyclone with a tripod mount. The vacumm is connected to the Air Jet via the cyclone so that aspirated particles are separated from the air flow and fall into the collection bottle. A grounding cable is supplied to prevent the build up of static electricity in the cyclone body.

The Air Jet works with any 200 mm diameter sieve but we recommend to use "Air Jet" sieves, specifically designed to work with the vacuum system


Air Jet
Type of sieving Aspirated Air Jet
Application Granulometric Separation
Standards Designed following the Standards of the UNE-EN933-10 (Aggregates).
CE marked
Maximum weight of sample ~ 250 g
Range of sieving 5 um to 2 mm
Maximum vacuum/succion 10 KPa
Test time 1 - 99 minutes
Programming 10 user configurable stored programs
Rotational speed of diffuser 1 - 100 rpm
Maximum number of sieves single 200 mm diameter 10 to 50 mm high
Power requirement 125/230 Volt 50/60 Hz 20 W
Vacuum requirement 220W
Dimensions 455 x 355 x 155 mm 15 Kg
Cyclone sample Recovery
Efficiency > 95%
Material 304 SS
Connections to Air Jet 30 mm
to Vacuum 40 mm OD 37 mm ID
Dimensions 330 (L) x 250 (W) x 775 (H) mm
Weight 3.4 Kg including catcher bottle

Ordering Information

CS AJ200N Air Jet system (Shop Vac not included)
CS AJ200 Cyclone sample recovery including tripod, 2 x 500 mL catcher bottles, ground strap and hose to Air Jet