Pitot Tube Anemometer with USB
Precision Digital Manometer with datalogging

Modern - Digital - Ergonomic
Rugged reliable and easy to operate the TAXD620  digital manometer/ anemometer measures air flow in grilles, diffusers, HVAC ducts, flow cabinets and similar applications

• Ideal for HVAC, environmental safeguards, commissioning
tests, process control and system balancing.
•Calculate and display velocity and volumetric flow rate with various pitot tubes - input K factor
•English or Metric back lit display with fast or slow response and real time or recall modes.
•Sampling function for duct traverse.
•USB output for PC, Mini Printer and Logger.
•Use with Pitot Tubes, Flow Grids and many other Pressure Sensors.
•Unique “Self Help” calibration facility.
•Reads Air Pressure and Velocity - directly and precisely.
•Supplied in a protective case
•Sofware included

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Pitot tube anemometer
The TAXD620 Micromanometer represents the latest microprocessor technology, offering an outstanding choice of time saving features at surprisingly low cost. Reading Air Velocity and
Pressure direct, combines exceptional accuracy with a high memory capability so that up to 12700 measured values can be instantly stored, recalled and reviewed. Incorporating indefinite memory
retention with an USB output as standard downloading data to a compatible PC, printer or data logger is simplicity itself. The ergonomic casing with its safety wrist strap comfortably fits in the
hand and is both functional and lightweight. The sampling function easily faciltates taking multiple reading with a pitot tube traversing when traversing a duct.
Windows® Compatible Using industry standard WINDOWS® software data can be
quickly and easily configured into your spreadsheet programmes to produce charts, graphs, technical analysis and full reporting data.

The unit is available with a variety of fixed length pitot tubes, 12", 18", 24" , 36" and 60" as well as the telecoping tube shown below.

  Pitot tube 8"-38" telescoping Pitot tube
Velocity Range from Pitot tube 1.27 - 78.7 m/sec 250 - 15500 ft/min
Pressure Range -3735 to + 3735 Pa ( -15 to +15 in H2O ) -15 to +15 in H2O
Pressure Resolution 0.1 Pa 0.001 in H2O
Accuracy ± 1.5%
Duct Size 1 to 635 cm 1 to 250 inches
Operating Temperature - 5° to + 45°C 40° to 113°F
Data Storage 12700 samples and 100 test IDs
Output USB serial interface
Storage Temperature - 10° to +50°C 14° to 122°F
Power Supply 4 x 1.5 volt AA Cells(Rechargeable,Alkaline or Zinc Carbon).
Battery Life Approximately 35 hours using Alkaline Cells
Overall Dimensions 17.8 x 8.4 x 4.4 cm 7.0 x 3.3 x 1.18 ins
Weight (Less Battery) 270 gms 0.6lbs
Standard Accessories Durable Carrying Case
Ordering information - pitot tube anemometer with USB & Data loggin
Model Description Price view shopping cart
TAXD610 Basic Meter only , velocity & pressure only no data logging $590.00
TAXD620 Meter only with data logging and all features $897.00
PT634-0 12 inch pitot tube  $160.00  
PT634-1 18 inch pitot tube  $177.00  
PT634-2 24 inch pitot tube  $188.00  
PT634-3 36 inch pitot tube  $220.00  
PT634-5 60 inch pitot tube  $252.00  
AFPTT Pitot tube 8"-38" telescoping tube $333.00  

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